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Conqueror 10.0 Soft Padel Racket

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The new collection of padel rackets Drop Shot 2022 is presented in this new year and it does so to give a solvent, reliable and effective response to all padel players. Models of great variety and with different characteristics so that each player feels represented. And, how could it be otherwise, the new Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Soft takes center stage at the top.

And it is that within the Be One and JMD Series lines, the more comfortable and softer version of the Juan Martín Díaz shovel is a clear reference for players looking for more ball output and players who need the best material. A Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Soft that looks great on and off the court.

With a teardrop format, a notable sweet spot to optimize the hitting zone, medium-high balance and an extra travel in the offensive zone, this padel racket continues to be a benchmark in our collection due to its dynamism and power.

A Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Soft that shares characteristics with the Drop Shot Conqueror 10, but with variations. Rectangle Carbon 24K faces combined with CURV 360 and 3D Face technologies are added to the double tubular carbon frame, to give way to a low density and light Eva Soft core that allows the striking system to evolve, improve the feeling on impact and obtain a high playability.

Power Beam Heart, Smart Holes System, Ergo Pro Protector, Silicone Grip Channel and Cork Cushion Grip are the remaining technologies that make this Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Soft a clear avant-garde reference.

A model that evolves aesthetically for this 202 and does so by giving prominence to the Triaxial Carbon on their faces and playing with the iridescent silver, black and magenta to obtain a neat, detailed product with great visual appeal.

A Drop Shot Conqueror 10 Soft that is the perfect answer for control lovers looking for extra power and a high hitting sensation under any circumstance.