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In this section of Drop Shot we put at your fingertips our great offer of paddle paddle racks so you can choose from a wide variety of formats, designs and styles. Discover our extensive catalog of shoulder blades and take your shovels, clothes and accessories in total comfort to every workout!

Protect your shovels from humidity, high temperatures and weather changes in transfers to the track and keep them collected and protected at home. There is no better place to store your paddle equipment!

In our specialized online store you will find all kinds of paddle racks, bags and paddle backpacks at the best prices and with a quality guarantee. Thanks to them you can extend the life of your shovel.

Do you want to discover our selection of pallets? Let's go!

Paddles Online Pallets

At Dropshot we have designed pallets with the highest quality that will help you protect your shovels from all kinds of external agents. Thanks to them you can increase the durability of your paddle blades and you will gain comfort in terms of transport.

The designs of our paddle racks stand out for their modern and striking style, so that, in addition to being a practical and functional accessory, it goes according to your sports outfit.

Apart from paddle racks, in Drop Shot we put at your fingertips backpacks and paddle bags so you can choose the format that best suits your needs and preferences.

Large Capacity Paddle Shoulders

If you are one of those who needs a large pallet player to carry several paddles and all the sports accessories of paddle such as clothes, balls, overgrip and water bottles, to highlight some of the most common, large capacity paddle racks are your best option.

Bags and backpacks usually limit space more and are designed for those who only want to transport and protect their shovel.

If you are looking for comfort, capacity and protection, pallets are your best option! Feel unique, different and like the best of players with the lines incorporated by our World Padel Tour players Juan Martín Díaz and Lucas Campagnolo.

Cheap Paddle Shoulders

If you are looking for cheap paddle paddle racks, we encourage you to visit our outlet. In it you will find all kinds of sports paddle accessories and accessories at more than affordable prices so you do not give up the comfort of carrying your paddle material with the best price.

Complete your paddle sports equipment at the best price and with the quality of a Drop Shot product with our discounted paddle racks! A perfect outlet for all types of budgets.

Best Paddle Shoulder

As we have said, every paddle rack, backpack or paddle bag will help you protect and take care of your paddle, but each one has specific specifications that we must take into account before choosing one format and model or another.

If you want to choose the best paddle rack you must keep in mind the following factors:

  • Protection against shocks
  • Thermal protection
  • Compartments
  • Size and capacity
  • Budget

Before buying your shoulder bag you must ask yourself what you need and how much you are willing to invest. Do you just want to transport and protect your shovel or are you looking for a sports bag in which to carry all your equipment?

Once you are clear about this, you can choose your best shoulder, the one that suits you and your game perfectly.

Buy Drop Shot Shoulder

In Drop Shot you can find everything you need to practice paddle tennis at a wide variety of prices that will adapt to all budgets. Our goal is to put quality products at your fingertips to make playing paddle easy and accessible.

Buying Drop Shot pallets is synonymous with quality, professionalism and style. What are you waiting for to choose yours? Remember that, if the paddle racks are too big for you, you can always opt for a paddle bag or backpack.

Thanks to our quality guarantee and our fast shipping, shopping at Drop Shot will be easy, fast and safe. You will receive your equipment at home as soon as possible.

Don't forget that you can always ask us any questions about our products and purchase process. We will be happy to help you choose the best paddle rack and paddle equipment.