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Racket Technology

Racket Technology

At Drop Shot we work day in day out to incorporate the latest technology to our products. We use high quality materials to provide the best items in our collections. Our new product range comes with renewed designs and technologies. We apply our best knowledge to help you improve your game in your favorite sport.



It´s a rubber whose main property is grat elasticity and lightweight, providing more power and a wider sweet spot which results in higher comfort in the game, due to its elasticity. Drop Shot raquets made with EVA SOFT present higher durablility , a better finish and great vibration absorption.

It´s a rubber whose main property is impact absortion, providing a higher elasticity and higher mechanic memory, as well as more control to the strokes of players who strike hard. Drop Shot raquets made with EVA PRO present higher durability, a better finish and great vibration absorption.

Drop Shot uses Plain Carbon to make its tubulars combining it with Hotmelt technology and 3K carbon fabric, to make the faces of the raquets of the Expertline and Proline range with excellent playability and extra strength

3D texture in a rhombic shape, exclusively designed by Drop Shot, to give a greater effect to the ball in the shots where the ball should be given maximum effect, specially designed for aggressive players in their game.

Drop Shot uses SS Glass quality, which is a stronger and more elastic fiberglass, providing improved strength and playability to our raquets.

New 12,000 filament flat bi-directional carbon fabric. Due to its quantity of filaments it is much finer and more flexible, providing excellent touch to the rackets made with this material. Very flexible and resistant.

Carbon fabric. Tissue in 5 directions with carbon fibers of 3,000 filaments, being much more resistant and distributing the mechanical load in all directions, providing greater potential power for the player's shots.