Beachpadel Sunglasses


Addictive Beachpadel glasses: the only glasses designed exclusively for playing paddle tennis and tennis.

Many paddlers and tennis players leave us their testimonies satisfied that they have improved their vision on the track. And to protect yourself from possible balls or blows from the partner.

You can also combine it with any type of equipment you use thanks to the variety of colors:

White, yellow and black with red touches. Lenses: semi-respected blue for white and yellow. Semi-respected orange for black frame.

They come with a replacement of transparent GIFT lenses.

You can even further improve your vision thanks to premium lenses. We recommend the Clearar or the Wimbledon. (read on in the description to know how to get them)

With the Beachpadel you will not improve your backhand, but your eyes will be protected both from the sun and from balls or paddles of the partner. Let us take care of your eyes.

If you want you can hit the Play in the main photo to see how their crystals are changed.

Of course the protection is 100% UVA/B

We recommend it for standard and thin faces. You can see the measurements in the gallery images and get an idea. If you have doubts, ask us.