SKU: DP264007

Allegra 1.0 Padel Racket

£105.00 £144.00

Within the new collection of Drop Shot 2022 padel rackets there is a wide variety of models so that all padel players can choose the one that best suits their needs. Amateur, advanced and competition.

Within the Ambition Line is the Drop Shot Allegra 1.0 padel racket, a balanced racket, with great power and control in equal parts thanks to its tear format, centered balance and high performance in versatility.

This model has been manufactured in Carbon 3,000, a fiber that provides great elasticity on impact and that, combined with the Cork Layer system, and the Eva Pro rubber inner core allow a high tolerance to vibrations, an outstanding impact performance and ample comfort.

A model with a clear polyvalent vocation where the Smart Holes System enhances the impact zone and the Cork Cushion Grip and Silicone Grip Channel technologies reduce vibrations to the maximum offering a pleasant gaming experience.

A Drop Shot Allegra 1.0 that shines for its careful and sporty aesthetics where the yellow and green tones play with the details of the faces giving way to an iridescent look that makes the sun vary the light beams on their faces.