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Conqueror 9.0 Padel Racket


Frame - Doble tubular Carbono
Face - Triaxial 24 K Carbon + CURV 360 + 3D
Core - Eva Tech High Density
Technology - Cork Grip. Canal Silicona Grip. Power Beam Heart
Format - Teardrop
Weight - 360-380 grs
Thickness - 38 mm
Range game - Professional High Level

Additional Information

Be One - JMD is a line that combines materials and technologies specially developed with the guidance of Juan Martín Diaz.

These blades are developed with the unique Drop Shot technologies.

CURV 360, thermoplastic thermoplastic sheet that provides maximum strength.

RECTANGLE CARBONO last generation of 24K fabric, with 24,000 mono filaments. Developed by Textreme with rectangular format, for a greater mechanical action of bending and reaction

producing a faster reaction when hitting the ball.

In addition, being rectangular plates, they provide more stability to the face of the raquet, giving it a more homogeneous hitting and greater resistance.

These materials and technologies combined with 3 blade formats and 3 types of EVA rubber with different elasticity (SOFT, TECH, PRO), to choose the blade that best suits your

type of game, attack player, control or defending.