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Conqueror 9.0 Soft Padel Racket

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The Conqueror 9.0 SOFT, the variant of the racket with which the star Juan Martín Díaz will compete in the World Padel Tour combines the greatest virtues of the racket, adapted to another type of game.

A model belonging to the Be One line - JMD -, which combines materials and technologies specially developed under the suggestion of Juan Martín Diaz and developed with unique Drop Shot technology

This new Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0 SOFT shares features with the Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0, such as the teardrop format, providing an extensive sweet spot for hitting, a medium-high balance to achieve superior control and total versatility on the track, but with a softer rubber that achieves even higher comfort and power.

A product specially oriented to women and players who are looking for power, and who practice the sport in an intensive way, seeking to make the most of all the qualities of their racket in any area of the track. Thanks to the premium construction of the racket and its cutting-edge technology, the player is more than assured of a first-class gaming experience.

Frame - Doble tubular Carbono
Face - Rectangle Carbon + CURV 360 + 3D
Core - Eva Soft Low Density & Lightness
Technology - Cork Grip. Canal Silicona Grip. Power Beam Heart
Format - Teardrop
Weight - 360-380 grs
Thickness - 38 mm
Range game - Professional. High Level

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Angel C.
Paddle racket came with the protector not properly glued

The issue was resolved quickly and communication was relatively fluid with the support team