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Dropshot PALA KIBO 4.0

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Key Features:

- Frame: Full Eva System
- Face: Fiber glass
- Core: Eva Pro high density
- Technology: Twin tubular system
- Format: Round
- Weight: 350-370 grs
- Thickness: 38 mm
- Range Game: Initiation

- Power: 50%
- Control: 50%


Eva Pro:
- It´s a rubber whose main property is impact absortion, providing a higher elasticity and higher mechanic memory, as well as more control to the strokes of players who strike hard. Drop Shot raquets made with Eva Pro present higher durability, a better finish and great vibration absorption.

Fiber Glass Surface:
- Drop Shot uses SS Glass quality, which is a stronger and more elastic fiberglass, providing improved strength and playability to our raquets.

Expand Holes System:
- System of distribution of holes in the face of the blade, with a reduction of 50%, giving more power to the blade and a greater resistance in the area of the stuck. Ideal for maximum power rackets.

Eva Full:
- Construction system where the blade is 100% Eva rubber without tubular frame. Provides a greater sweet spot and maximum vibration reduction to the blade.

Silicone Grip Channel:
- A channel in the handle of the blade, where a piece of silicone is inserted with a coating of 2 mm of superabsorbent cork, to reduce the vibrations just in the area where the player takes the racket. Drop Shot blades, with this technology, allow you to enjoy a more secure and enjoyable game.

Twin Tubular System:
- All our carbon frame blades are manufactured with double tubular carbon fabrics preimpregnated with resins of maximum durability, giving homogeneity in all areas of the face and providing greater rigidity, thus no energy is lost from the shot due to distortion of the frame .

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