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Explorer 5.0 Padel Racket


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The Drop Shot 2022 paddle paddle collection is a resounding commitment to variety and sophistication where each model has a marked personality to give maximum performance on the court.

The Ambition line is one of the most proven of Drop Shot and has been conceived as an advanced range for demanding players where performance matters as well as value for money.

And, without a doubt, one of the most famous models is the Drop Shot Explorer 5.0 padel racket, a badge that has become a benchmark in annual bets thanks to the extreme playability of its tear format, medium-high balance and remarkable sweet spot.

A Drop Shot Explorer 5.0 that remains true to its essence and features Twin Tubular System technology for the frame, Eva Pro rubber medium density inner core and Carbon 3000 faces finished with 3D roughness.

A model that also has a Smart Holes System to amplify the impact zone, a Power Beam Heart to improve performance and a grip with Silicone Grip Channel or Cork Cushion Grip to reduce vibrations.

A racket that is a safe bet for all those looking for the most sophisticated versatility and that is also recommended for both drive and backhand players due to its wide hitting dynamism.

This 2022 the Drop Shot Explorer 5.0 sheds its skin and on the white of its composition, red is the color that takes center stage, making it look elegant and, at the same time, sporty.

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Super smashing marvellous great

Another poem for a great racket
The head of a Padel has many holes
Hit one just right, and a target is scored
Not every shot can accomplish your goals
Practice is needed, it can’t be ignored!
Connect with the wrong shot, you miss the win
Disappointment will come you can be sure
Regret in your bad choice will now set in
Slow down and think, don’t let haste be a lure!
Life’s like that racket, believe it or not
It takes practice and patience to choose well
Haste and poor choices bring failure a lot
Rise up and rebound ‘fore you hear the bell!
Aim for the sweet spot, as each day is new
Just make the right choice, and then follow through