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Harbour 2023

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Within the Ambition Pro Line find the Drop Shot Racket , a versatile model that focuses on those advanced level players who seek some control and power in their game, especially the latter. 

A model of outstanding quality that seeks to provide resistance and durability over time. It has been designed in a teardrop format and with Eva Soft rubber, the softest rubber we produce due to its low density. These characteristics allow the racket to obtain extra power in each hit, becoming a racket that provides great dynamism, great playability and high resistance. 

The Drop Shot Harbour Shovel has a wide impact area due to its dimensions and a very sensitive and dynamic mid-balance to enhance versatility. These qualities combined with the materials that compose it, and which are specified below, give it a characteristic performance. 

- Frame based on  Twin Tubular System ,

- Faces that combine  Rectangle Carbon 24K  with  CURV 360 technologies  and  3D Face roughness 

Among others we highlight the  SMART HOLES SYSTEM  and  TEXTREM TECHNOLOGY technologies. 

In addition, the Drop Shot Harbour Shovel draws attention for its attractive aesthetics since the brand's logo is shown on the face of the shovel through geometric shapes and printed in   chameleon painting/rainbow painting  , an innovative painting that is characterized by change tone depending on the light and position of the product. Lastly, the Drop Shot Harbour Shovel is detailed with two final lines in blue and yellow tones. 



Drop Shot Harbour Technologies


In order to offer our customers a quality product, important work related to R+D+i must first be done. Every year our products seek to reinvent themselves and improve, and that is why so do the technologies we use for their production. 

• EVA SOFT:  It is a rubber whose main property is great elasticity and lightness, providing greater power and a wider sweet spot that provides greater comfort in the game, due to its elasticity. Drop Shot rackets with Eva Soft have greater durability, a better finish on the racket and very good vibration absorption.

• 3K CARBON RECTANGLE:  Drop Shot uses Plain carbon to make its tubulars, combining it with Hotmelt technology and 3K carbon fabrics to give the racket faces excellent playability and extra resistance.

• TEXTREM TECHNOLOGY:  Extra fine and flat carbon with 24,000 carbon filaments per thread, resistant and flexible. Ideal for rackets with maximum control and power. The rackets made with this material enjoy excellence in the game, giving the player an extreme ball feel. 

• SMART HOLES SYSTEM:  Hole distribution system on the face of the racket, in a curved, progressive shape and that provides a better development of mechanical forces at the time of hitting, helping to give effect to the ball and improving the reduction of vibrations.

•  3D FACE:  3D rhomboid-shaped texture, exclusively designed by Drop Shot, to provide greater spin to the ball in shots where maximum spin should be given to the ball, especially designed for aggressive players in their game.

•  LOOK:  Iridescent, it changes the colour of the racket depending on the light it receives, enhancing its elegance and technology. 


Features Drop Shot Harbour


Product type: Padel racket

Shape: Teardrop

Balance: Medium-high

Game level: Advanced and professional

Structure: Twin Tubular System

Faces: Carbon 3,000 + 3D

Core: Eva Soft

Control: 40%

Power: 60%

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