Sakura 3.0 Padel Racket

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Within the collection of Drop Shot 2021 rackets meet the new Drop Shot Sakura 3.0, a racket intended for every player who is starting in padel, regardless of age or gender.

The Drop Shot Sakura 3.0 racket is a racket that combines flexible materials with Eva Soft rubber, thus achieving a great hit and a wide sweet spot in the hit.

Thanks to Cork Grip technology, vibrations in the hit are reduced combined with a double tubular carbon frame.

A racket designed for advanced beginners who are looking for a product that brings power and comfort to their game.

Drop Shot Sakura 3.0 Technologies

The Drop Shot Sakura 3.0 enjoys the revolutionary technologies of Drop Shot's Essential line.

  • TWIN TUBULAR SYSTEM: All our fibreglass framed rackets are made of double tubular fabrics impregnated with resins of maximum durability, giving it homogeneity in all areas of the face and providing greater rigidity, so no energy is lost from the blow by distortion of the frame.
  • FIBER GLASS: Drop Shot uses SS glass quality, which is a fibreglass of greater strength and elasticity, giving our blades an improvement in solidity and playability.
  • EVA SOFT: It is a rubber whose main property is great elasticity and lightness, providing greater power and a wider sweet spot with greater comfort in the game, due to its elasticity. Drop Shot blades with Eva Soft have greater durability, a better racket finish and very good vibration absorption.
  • CORK CUSHION GRIP: Anti-vibration system, which combined with the other systems we provide, make our blades ideal for players who carry chronic injuries. It consists of a cork sheet located in the grip area, thus preventing vibrations from reaching the player's hand.
  • SMART HOLES SYSTEM: System of distribution of holes in the face of the shovel, in a curved, progressive way and that provides a better development of mechanical forces at the time of hitting, helping to give effect to the ball and improving the reduction of vibrations.
  • SILICONE GRIP CHANNEL: A channel in the handle of the racket, where a piece of silicone is inserted with a 2 mm coating of super-absorbent cork, to reduce vibrations right in the area where the player takes the racket. Drop Shot rackets, with this technology, allow you to enjoy a safer and more enjoyable game.
  • LOOK: Sober, elegance and enhances technology

Frame - Doble tubular
Face - Carbono Fiber Glass
Core - Eva Soft. Low Density.
Technology - Cork Grip. Canal Silicone Grip.
Format - Teardrop
Weight - 360-380 grs
Thickness - 38 mm
Range game - Advanced Initiation

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Kareem D.
Amazing Racket

Amazing Racket

Barry F.
Most Excellent

Great company to deal with. They have a good range of products and I found them very efficient. Highly recommend them

David P.
It is always a pleasure

It is always a pleasure to have Toby supporting us

Farran H.
Great Paddle racket. Very quick delivery

Ordered my first racket. Well packaged item. Arrived 2 days later. Great service. Thanks

Toby P.
Excellent customer service and extremely

Excellent customer service and extremely helpful