Our new range of innovative sunglasses have been developed and optimized by our expert team to ensure you can play your sport whilst protecting your eyes in the sun or indoors. 




Our expert team of opticians have developed these glasses to be made specifically for sports. Ensuring that they are lightweight and the perfect fit so that they stay on during any sport. 



The lenses have been crafted out of anti-impact crystals which give you full protection from all UV rays. The sunglasses will come with another pair of clear lenses so you can use them indoor as well as outdoors. The Addictive Beachpadel glasses were specifically designed for paddle and tennis players, improving vision and providing excellent protection against any possible blows or balls. 


Quality & Price 

Our promise to you is excellent quality you won’t find anywhere else for the price. These sunglasses have been specifically tailored to sports professionals, with the aim of providing 100% protection against damaging UV rays as well as possible blows during sport. You can choose from a wide variety of amazing colours to suit everyone.  


Keep your eyes 100% protected, during the summer and all round. So you can perform to your optimal level without letting anything get in your way. 

July 28, 2021