From Drop Shot we offer you a large selection of paddle blades for professional, intermediate and beginner use. You can find your perfect shovel thanks to our extensive catalog with all kinds of models and formats at a more than competitive price.

Types of paddle shovels

Although there are many types of paddle shovels we can differentiate them mainly according to their shape or style of play. In this way, we can find these formats of paddle shovels:

  • Round: For players looking for precision, control and easy handling.
  • Diamond: Perfect for those who seek power in the blow.
  • Tear: It is the most versatile format, that is, balance between control and power.

On the other hand, we can also find paddle shovels according to the style of play:

  • Control: They are more comfortable and easier to handle. Perfect for beginners or for those who prefer a defensive game.
  • Power: For offensive game players. They are usually heavier blades and usually in diamond format.
  • Polyvalence: Balance between control and power, they are more adaptable to all types of players.

Best paddle shovels

When looking for paddle shovels it is common for us to wonder which are the best; we want to get a product that guarantees the quality of the game at all times. Our blades are designed with quality materials to ensure that our customers purchase the best possible product.

In Drop Shot we have paddle blades for expert, intermediate users and for those who are starting in this sport. If you are not sure what shovel you need, you can contact our team and we will advise you to choose the best possible shovel according to your type of game and level of experience.

These are the 6 lines of paddle shovels that you can find in Drop Shot. Each of them is designed for a specific type of player. Do you want to discover them?


These blades are designed with the best technology for expert players capable of mastering the game in all its facets: control, defense and power.

Among the Be ONE blades you will find some such as the Drop Shot Conqueror, Legend, Heritage, Premium and many more. Take a look and get ready for the next game!


LCP paddle blades are recommended for professional players who work especially on the power in the blow.

They are designed with the exclusive LCP fibers, which provide maximum elasticity and resistance.

Pro Competition

The paddle blades of this line are the ones that offer the player the greatest control and power. Designed for expert and professional users.

Pro Power

The Pro Power line of paddle blades is designed for professional players looking for maximum power.

They combine Drop Shot's own and unique technologies.


Ambition blades offer great comfort and versatility in the game. They are specially designed for intermediate players looking to improve their game.

They are the perfect balance between control and power. One of the most comfortable shovels on the market.


Finally, Essential paddle shovels have been developed for beginners who are starting to practice paddle.

Perfect for quick learning in a comfortable way.

Offers Paddle Shovels

If you are looking for cheap paddle shovels, but with quality guarantee and designed with the best materials and technologies in the industry, we encourage you to take a look at our outlet of paddle shovels.

At Drop Shot we want to make sure that you get your perfect shovel based on your experience and type of game at the best possible price. Find the best paddle shovels at very affordable prices within our sales section.

Buy Paddle Shovel

From Drop Shot we want you to find it very easy to buy paddle shovels, that you only have to worry about enjoying the game. That's why we put at your fingertips the best selection of shovels of the moment; quality shovels with a 2-year warranty.

Our goal is to equip you completely so that you practice paddle properly. That's why, in addition to paddle shovels, in our store you will find paddle balls, overgrips, sportswear and all kinds of accessories for paddle tennis.

If you are looking for a safe, reliable store where shopping is very easy, Drop Shot is your place. We encourage you to take a look at all our paddle shovels and equipment.

Don't forget that we can advise you on what you need!