Paddle Shoes

From Drop Shot we have been working for years on the improvement of a balanced shoe so that you move freely on the track. We have developed lighter, more precise and comfortable paddle shoes.

We are proud to have reached such a high level of performance, so much so that even paddle stars trust our technical criteria. This is thanks to our years of experience and, above all, our passion for this sport.

Paddle Shoes for Men

For you, who are looking for maximum mobility and support during your training, we have developed the most innovative paddle shoes on the market. In our catalog you will find the classic traditional footwear, although if you are looking for something more advanced we have options that will convince you.

In Drop Shot you have the opportunity to acquire the same model of paddle shoes for men that the most outstanding professionals have used. You can buy the paddle shoes that Lucas Campagnolo wore in his intense workouts. With them, you will enjoy a precise, adaptable adjustment and a system of guided cables that will avoid friction in times of maximum effort.

Paddle Shoes for Women

Do you want a modern design with style, paddle shoes that help you improve your performance? Discover our most comfortable and agile models, ideal for players who want to give everything in every game and who need high quality and durability footwear.

If you are looking for maximum grip, our paddle shoes for women are the model you need. With each step you will feel its clay sole with anti-slip, padding and stabilizers that will help you control wear.

Cheap Paddle Shoes

Surely in other stores the best paddle shoes are very expensive. However, here at Drop Shot, we have lowered cloud prices to equip you with all the comforts. Do you want an example? Enter our paddle shoe outlet section and discover some of our best creations at reduced prices.

You can buy your cheap, functional and elegant paddle shoes without suffering your savings.

The Best Paddle Shoes

The best paddle shoe is the one that fits your needs on the track in moments of maximum tension. At Drop Shot we are proud to be able to offer you a selection of paddle shoes of the highest level of quality.

Check our stock and buy paddle shoes with all the benefits of competition shoes. Try our QSYS and Argon models, and you will feel totally safe during the game.

Buy Paddle Shoes Online

As expert manufacturers of paddle shoes, we know that our articles are fundamental for lovers of this sport, wherever they are. Thinking about them, we decided to open our own online store. Now, our catalog is accessible to everyone.

Buying Drop Shot paddle shoes is synonymous with quality and performance. A sure hit for your workouts and days.