We had a fantastic few days visiting our partners and friends at Drop Shot, during which we had the pleasure of spending 2 days at the World Padel Tour. It is great to see all the new innovations and developments that brands are putting into their equipment ranges.

After spending one of the days with Drop Shot, we were able to understand the enhancements made to their technology and how this has enabled them to be keep up with the high demand. By increasing production capabilities and time in their new factory, Drop Shot will soon be producing over 7000 rackets per day. With such big investment and energy going into the brand and a new player being added to their 2022 roster, it is an extremely exciting time.

Toby Bawden, Owner of Drop Shot UK, said: "The atmosphere around this event was truly special". It had been over 2 years since Bawden last travelled to 'the home of Padel' (Spain) due to the pandemic. "This trip was long over due" he said; "Seeing the WPT players up close and studying the way they play, is truly incredible to watch. I would highly encourage any Padel fan to go and watch these athletes live."

It is such an exciting time for Padel and the direction of this wonderful game is only going in one way - up! It was promising to see and meet so many new people involved in our sport and discussing the future of the game. 

We cannot wait for what is to come in 2022!

December 17, 2021