Team Drop Shot are shaping the future of the game. Every one of our team players, coaches and ambassadors from across the globe are passionately pursuing their own journey. But they all live and breathe the spirit of Drop Shot.

Anton Savolainen-DropShot UK

Anton Savolainen

Birthday: 8th of May 1994
Nationality: Finnish
Height: 179cm
Ranking: #6 in UK, #200-250 in Finland
Residence: Canary Wharf, London
Tags: players
Sam McKibbin-DropShot UK

Sam McKibbin

Birthday: 20/07
Nationality: Irish
Height: 5ft 11
Ranking: Irish #1
Residence: Spanish /Irish (Living in Marbella, Spain currently)
Tags: players
Muse Sánchez Armengol-DropShot UK

Muse Sánchez Armengol

Birthday: 7/02/2005
Nationality: Spanish (born Ethiopian)
Height: 1.80cm
Ranking: #52 in UK
Residence: Spain/London
Tags: players