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Padel Rackets

How to choose a paddle shovel?

To choose a paddle shovel we have to pay attention to our level of experience and type of game. Thus, we will find the following formats:

Round: greater control and manageability.

Diamond: more punch power.

Tear: balance between control and power.

On the other hand, the greater the weight, the more power you will suddenly get. Of course, you will lose responsiveness, precision and control.

If you are not sure which shovel you should choose, contact Drop Shot and we will gladly advise you!

Which paddle shovel to buy?

The type of paddle shovel we buy must adapt to our needs and gaming preferences: control, precision, power or an assembly.

If you are a more strategic player who wants to control and defend you should opt for control shovels such as Pro Competition or Be ONE.

If on the other hand you prefer power and attack you can choose the Pro Power or LCP.

As for the level of play, the best blades for beginners are the Essential. For those advanced or intermediate, Ambition is recommended.

How to take the paddle shovel?

The most used grip in the world of paddle tennis is the continental one. We will only have to grab the handle at the bottom end, at the bottom.

The posture of the hand must follow the same line of the shovel. In this way, our grip will be straight, comfortable and manageable.

Where to buy paddle shovels?

If you want to buy paddle shovels, Drop shot is your place. In our store we have shovels for all types of players: professional, intermediate or beginners.

You will find offensive/attack game shovels, defense/control or those that are the perfect balance between the two. All kinds of shovels available to you!

If you want paddle blades with quality guarantee, take a look at our catalog. You will also find cheap paddle shovels in our outlet.

What is the best paddle shovel in the world?

That's why, since Drop Shot, although there is no paddle shovel par excellence that serves everyone, we wanted to leave you this ranking with the best paddle shovels according to our users:

Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0 softDrop Shot Explorer Pro 3.0Drop Shot Yukon ProDrop Shot Delta 1.0

Padel Shoes

Which paddle shoes to buy?

Buy those paddle shoes that adapt to your physical needs and your aesthetic tastes. You must ask yourself what your weaknesses are when moving on the track.

Choosing the right footwear you will wear in a game can make the difference between winning and losing. That is why it is important that it is a specialized product designed by paddle professionals.

Where to buy paddle shoes?

Our recommendation is that you buy your paddle shoes in a specialized store like Drop Shot. This way you will be sure to wear shoes completely adapted to your sports practice and avoid unnecessary injuries.

Opting for a store specializing in paddle products is a guarantee of quality and performance. We have a wide catalog with all kinds of paddle shoes for men and women.

What do paddle shoes have to be like?

Functional, efficient and durable. Having that, you have everything. Do you think you can't have everything? Check out our paddle shoe offers and the news of the Drop Shot catalog.

All our collections have been designed by our professional technical team and manufactured with the best materials and processes. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality of our products.

When to change paddle shoes?

If you feel that your sneakers lose firmness and grip, it's time to buy a new pair of paddle shoes. Normally this usually happens between 6 months and the year in the case of regular players.

If you think that your paddle shoes have reached their limit, renew them with Drop Shot and get excellent quality and durability.

What is the difference between paddle tennis shoes and tennis?

Both sports are similar, but in practice they are quite different. A paddle player performs more vertical movements and turns, while a tennis player moves more horizontally and obliquely.

It also affects the type of soil and the way it is stepped on. Therefore, the main difference is in the type of sole. For that reason, paddle shoes have a sole with more adhesion, to avoid falls and slips.

From Drop Shot we will be happy to talk to you about all the many advantages and benefits of using specialized paddle products.

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