The Drop Shot community really is amazing. We always knew it, but the way we have come together in this time of such uncertainty has been fantastic to see. We asked our players and customers to send us some of their favourite tips, drills & training to do at home, here are just a few. 


1. The Keep up challenge

This one is quite self-explanatory. Keep the ball up! To increase the difficulty, turn the racket on its side and use the rim. Demonstrated below by Nick and his son having some friendly competition using! How many can you get?


2. Ball in a bin

Demonstrated below by one of Europe's best pickleball players, Louis Laville, this drill is great for improving your accuracy while you can't get on the court. For a bit of fun, you can turn this one into a competition and see how far back you can get! Louis racket of choice is Drop Shot Pickleball Hexagon.   


3. Ball on the wall 

Great for your reaction speed and coordination, all this drill requires is a ball, a wall and a racket! Simply try and rally with the wall and see what you can get to. If you struggle with open wall space, you can lay some kind of bounce board as demonstrated by Toby below using the Drop Shot Maruno 1.0.


4. Rebound! 

This is a great drill for training solo, and is highly addictive! The only trouble is you will need a 'rebound tennis trainer' which in the current climate is quite hard to get a hold of. But if you are lucky enough to get one, Drop Shot customer Wayne uses his Drop Shot Conqueror 8.0 to demonstrate how to use it: 


5. Trickshot time! 

No format or rules to this one... Just play, have fun, and do some trick shots. Drop Shot UK pro Thaddea Lock has been using her Drop Shot Pickleball Hexagon to do just that! 


We would love to hear how your home training is going. Tag us in your training on Facebook or Instagram and we will share them for the rest of our community to try. Happy home-training! 



April 07, 2020