Drop Shot UK athlete Louis Laville has been taking the pickleball scene by storm since he started competing. We caught up with Louis to find out a bit more about him and his pickleball career! 


Louis Laville Pickleball Facts:

No of tournaments in which a gold medal was won: 9
No of medals won: 14 Gold, 4 Silver, 5 Bronze
No of competitive games played: 310
Played Pickleball for: 3.5 years
Favourite shot: No look flick


How did you get into pickleball?

My mum went on holiday to Florida and was introduced to it there. She came back and told us about the sport and said give it a go. I was hooked after I first tried it!

How often do you train/play?

In a coronavirus free world, I do club training at Wimbledon Pickleball twice a week which is a mixture of game practice and drilling. I then also train at home on my rebounder a further few times per week, practicing shots. I then try to do 4-5 gym sessions per week which range from weights to cardio sessions.

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Training hard to become one of the highest-ranked players outside of North America. I was also made a World Ambassador for the International Federation of Pickleball to help promote Pickleball across the world.

Your favourite player?

Favourite Player/Pro: Kyle Yates
Favourite British Male: Anthony McElvaine
Favourite British Female: Thaddea Lock

Favourite tournament?

Favourite European Tournament: All of them!
Favourite US Tournament: US Open / US Nationals

Favourite paddle? 

DropShot Hexagon Pro. It's amazing. 

Favourite location to play?

Indian Wells Tennis Garden.

Why did you sign with Drop Shot?

With Pickleball being an extremely rapidly growing sport, I wanted to represent a company that has aligned ambitions. Drop Shot have great ambitions to be a huge company in the Pickleball industry in Europe and across the world and being a part of this is extremely exciting.

On top of this, the equipment, clothing, and accessories are very high quality and smart! The Hexagon Pro paddle is probably the best paddle I have ever played with and it suits my game really well.

I am looking forward to representing Team DropShot on the court in future tournaments across the world!

What are your top tips for people looking to get into pickleball?

Give it a go! It is one of the simplest sports to pick up and you will be hooked immediately! It is a sport I say is easy to pick up, but impossible to master!

Some top tips for your first time trying would be to keep your knees bent, keep your paddle up, hit the ball in front of your body and most of all, be patient!


You can follow Louis on his Facebook page and his Instagram.


May 13, 2020