If you’re looking for well-performing, long-lasting kit to up your Padel tennis game, we’ve put together the ultimate package of products to help you get started.

We’ve rated each product based on functionality, style and value, and many of them are currently listed at limited-time sale prices.

Let’s get started.

For men

A staple item in every Padel tennis wardrobe should be a T-Shirt than can stand up to the test of long, intense training sessions and weather conditions.

That’s why our Drac T-Shirt tops our list. It’s currently available in a range of sizes, and comes in a vibrant colour scheme that will help you stand out on the courts this season.

The Drac T-Shirt is currently on sale! 

Next should be a pair of shorts that help regulate body temperature, and keep players cool during difficult matches. In this category, we’ve gone once again with our Drac model, which matches perfectly with the T-Shirt above.

You can currently save £5 on our Drac Shorts here. 

Drop Shot Padel Clothing

 When it comes to Padel shoes, spending a little bit extra ensures you can play for years without worrying about replacements. That’s why we’ve chosen to feature the Veris XT as a perfect starter shoe, which is a step above the budget ranges currently on the market.

With an Achilles tendon protector TPU stabilizer, the Veris XT ensures you can play to your potential while helping prevent injury, without sacrificing comfort.

The Veris XT is specifically designed for the male player, and can be purchased in all sizes here. 

Veris XT Padel Shoe

For women 

For women, we’ve combined our Malla Star leggings and Zafiro top as a functional yet stylish duo.

Coming in at a combined £50 due to a 38% saving while stocks last, these two items have been tested for quality, durability and technical performance.

Both can be found via the links below. Get your Malla Star leggings here and your Zafiro top here.


Womens Padel Clothes



The Drop Shot Sakura 2.0 is widely regarded as one of the highest-quality beginner rackets on the market, and currently comes with a £20 saving on our website.

Having been developed specifically for beginner players, the Sakura 2.0 is designed to speed up and increase new players' skills by being crafted from low-weight Fiber Glass with an Eva Soft High Density core.

To take advantage of the Sakura 2.0’s limited-time sale price here. 

Sakura 2.0 Padel Racket

Last on our list of essentials is our started racket bag, which comes in at just £30 and features both a central compartment and an individual compartment for 1 racket. Perfect for storing your new gear! Get yours here.


September 04, 2020