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Cielo Jacket

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The Drop Shot Cielo Jacket, designed for the most technical players and looking for maximum performance combined with the best aesthetic elegance.

Drop Shot Cielo Jacket protects players against the elements but without compromising on comfort and performance thanks to the Polyester Spandex Brushed Fibers.

This model incorporates two pioneering systems. The Dry System Keepcool, designed to wick sweat and moisture always keeping the body in perfect condition, and the Elasticity System, which gives extra elasticity to the sweatshirt, allowing for free movement and high performance on the court.

Drop Shot Cielo Jacket looks great on-court thanks to its yellow composition with small green details.


Product type: Padel clothing

Qualities: Elasticity and breathability

Game level: Medium and advanced

Material: Cotton Elastane Brushed

Technologies: Elasticity System - Dry System Keepcool