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Cielo Skirt

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The Drop Shot Cielo Skirts are designed with high performance, manoeuvrability, and comfort in mind.

A model that matches with the Drop Shot Cielo 2021 T-Shirt makes up a set of quality and performance.

The Drop Shot Cielo Skirt is made with materials of the highest quality, the Polyester Spandex Interlock is responsible for providing maximum performance in elasticity, lightness, and comfort.

The Dry System Keepcool and the Elasticity System systems remove moisture and allow for extra elasticity favouring explosive movements and freedom.

Drop Shot Cielo Skirt looks and feels great on the court.


    Product type: Padel Clothing

    Qualities: Elasticity and breathability

    Game level: Medium and advanced

    Material: Polyester Elastane 4 Wat Strech

    Technologies: Elasticity System - Dry System Keepcool