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Eros Y XT Shoe

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In the 2021 Drop Shot shoe collection we find the Drop Shot Eros Y XT shoes.

A model aimed at mid-level and advanced players who play the sport regularly and who need a product that lives up to their game. Lightness and comfort are the two main features of this model.

And these new Drop Shot Eros Y XT 2021 are designed to achieve total grip on the court/field thanks to its high-lasting clay sole that will allow you to move comfortably around the track and padded safety thanks to the stabilisers incorporated in the areas of maximum wear. And, everything, with a modern and avant-garde design.


Technologies Drop Shot Eros Y XT 2021 shoe

At Drop Shot we work season after season to improve the best product and that is why the Drop Shot 2021 footwear collection incorporates some important improvements over previous editions to improve the player experience.

This is the case of the Drop Shot Eros Y XT 2021 shoes that have been designed incorporating the best technological advances to offer a quality product, excellent durability and groundbreaking design.

  • Microfibre PU Embossed: Upper formed by embossed polyurethane microfibres that provide strength and flexibility to the shoe.
  • TPU stabiliser: High quality thermoplastic located on the heel for total stability in the foot.


Features Drop Shot Eros Y XT 2021 shoe

Product type: Sports shoes

Qualities: stability and comfort

Level of play: Medium and advanced

Sole: Clay

Upper: Embossed polyurethane microfibers that provide strength and flexibility to the shoe. Padded tongue and instep for a comfortable fit.

Lining: Breathable fabric lining.

Insole: Removable hi-poly template.

Midsole: Soft, double density flexible Eva midsole.

Outsole: Rubber outsole with high abrasion resistance for greater durability and traction. TPU heel stabilizer.

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