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Heru Tracksuit

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The new Drop Shot Heru 2021 tracksuit lands to provide maximum comfort and utility both on and off the track, thanks to the most cutting-edge technology on the market. Feel the claw of Lucas Campagnolo.

In the Drop Shot paddle textile collection we can find the Heru paddle tracksuit, a model that includes pants and sweatshirt with zipper in gray and yellow, perfect to enjoy on and off the track. Feel the claw of Lucas Campagnolo equipping yourself with this tracksuit, the same one used by our paddle star this season in the World Padel Tour.

A model that is aimed at players who enjoy paddle tennis from all levels and who are looking for a quality and stylish product, which also responds at the time of the game. Comfort, style and lightness describe this 2021 model.

And this new Heru tracksuit combines a polyester fabric that provides elasticity and freedom of movement for the most demanding situations.

Tracksuit Technologies Drop Shot Heru
At Drop Shot we work season after season to improve the best product and that is why the Drop Shot 2021 textile collection incorporates some important improvements over previous editions to improve the player experience.

This is the case of the Drop Shot Heru sweatshirt that has been designed incorporating the best technological advances to offer a high quality product, excellent durability and groundbreaking design.

Polyester: Ultralight polyester fibers of the latest generation. Highly breathable and resistant, avoiding shrinking or stretching.

Features Tracksuit Drop Shot Heru
Product type: Paddle textile

Qualities: Comfort and breathability

Level of play: Medium and advanced

Material: Polyester

Technologies: Polyester