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KOA 2022 Racket Bag

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The KOA 2022 Racket bag, ideal for comfortably transporting your equipment.

Its design includes two handles, one in the vertical part and another in the horizontal part at the top. It also has two extra padded shoulder straps with adjustable straps to offer the greatest possible comfort to the player.

Customer Reviews

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Toby P.
Super smashing marvellous

Excellent bag, so much so I’ve written another poem
My bag with me like shadow
Comes without a word
Hanging on my back
Bearing burden inside

Wherever I go
Behind me
What I put into it
Never got angry

When I have a rest
Keeping aside it
Until the destination
It has no rest

Strength, shape and beauty
Dwindles and fades gradually
Heartfelt mate and buddy

Sam Mckibbin

KOA 2022 Racket Bag